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For everyone: please read this

For everyone: please read this
2022-03-28 23:00:21

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not being so much present recently, but I try to keep an eye on this site everyday and I've noticed that place becomes a little bit less friendly. So let's be clear:

- I make no money, I even lose money since I pay the site bills. So be convinced I've made this place only in order to share and help each other. I won't let it become a warzone.

No one can write subtitles with magic. So whether the result is minimal or pro-quality, the author has spent time to write it (or auto-sub it) and then shared his work for free. This should deserve a minimal respect.

- If the file is not for the good movie or language, please be smart and kindly tell him. Everyone can upload a wrong file sometimes.

- If the timestamps are not in sync with your version. Then sync them and share them. People with the same version as you would be grateful. (try to mention original credits then)

- If the subtitles are incomplete or too minimalistic, maybe the author would be glad you help him. Otherwise, every one else is free to complete or fix them. (once again, add your name and original author in credits)

I used to think these good manners would be obvious for everyone, but I forgot internet tends to make people more rude than they are in real life.
So please, be the same gentleman you are in real life.

If you can't manage it, please don't waste your time downloading subtitles here. So you won't be disappointed, and the uploader won't be upset.

Some weeks ago, I've started to write new rules for the site. Here is the first part: Site Rules. Be sure to read them.

Thanks, and please keep being friendly.