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Siyahnazi posted a comment for [Ashley Fires Fetish Clips] Anya Olsen - Mommy And Brother House Rules (English):
    please upload more subtitles of Lady Fyre

ltr posted a comment for [PPPD-682] Yu Shinoda (English):
    The scene in kitchen is very exciting, and the last one, when the gf discovers her bf cheat her with her own sister is funny!

Bender1968 posted a comment for [PureTaboo] Unwanted (Spanish):
    sorry, is webscene [Fixed. Thanks!]

Bender1968 posted a comment for [PureTaboo] The Rental (Spanish):
    sorry is webscene [Fixed. Thanks!]

truc1979 posted a comment for Kill Code 87 (Polish):
    Since a new negative rating as been set by him a few minutes ago, all ratings by "yazarlarr" have been invalidated. @yazarlarr: if you still use ratings in an understandable way, you will be banned from this site.


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