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AVSubtitles: Adult Videos Subtitles

AVSubtitles is a project who aims to create, gather and share subtitles or captions for adult movies.
While it may first sound as a joke, many movies have interesting or funny plot. Unfortunately, they often don't provide subtitles for foreigners or hearing impaired people.
Any contribution is welcome! So if you want to help, by creating, uploading or even only correcting one word, you're welcome!

Subtitles only

AVSubtitles only provides subtitles files. We don't provide videos or audio tracks.


AVSubtitles is a place where fans can share their works. However, it may happen that some subtitles files have been found somewhere else and uploaded here without credits to the original author. If you think your work has been uploaded here and you're not credited, please contact us.

We don't make money

AVSubtitles wish to be a nice and friendly place. Thus, we don't want our users to be flooded by hundreds of ads, and we don't use or sell members data.
Actually, we even lose money by renting servers. But this place will remain free of ads as long as we can afford the cost.
We only use a google analytics tracker for statistics puposes.