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Site rules

General rules

  1. First of all, this is a gentlemen's place. Be smart with everyone. Don't be rude or agressive.
  2. This is an international place: comments, forum posts and descriptions have to be written in english.
  3. Uploaded subtitles have to be related to legal movies (starring only 18+ consenting models, no sexual abuse).
  4. Links to illegal content are forbidden. It includes links to download copyrighted materials (movies, pictures, ...). Only links to their official owner are allowed.
  5. Upload ripped subtitles from DVD/BR/TV/OnlineVideo for translation purposes are allowed as long as you mention the source. If you're an author or editor please contact us here.
  6. Upload OCR'ed subtitles are also allowed in same conditions as rule above.
  7. Users flooding comments or forum will be warned once, then banned.
  8. When rating "Bad", please add a comment to explain why. Users giving "bad" ratings with no reason will be warned once, then banned.
  9. This place has been made to share and help each others. So don't forget: uploaders share their work for free and get no money. They are not your employees or slaves. They are free to decline your requests.