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Eine verdammt heisse Braut Teil 1 (1989)

Poster of Eine verdammt heisse Braut Teil 1
A Damn Hot Bride, Part 1
Christa Abel Hervé Amalou Michelle Charrier Erika Cool Ellen Earl Claudia Eckner Karine Gambier Karine Gambier Hubert Géral Helena Uschi Karnat Anne Magle Dolorès Manta Barbara Moose Ginny Noack John Oury Peter Strasser Helene Wolf
Hans Billian movies from the late 80's that shows how a family likes to celebrate their daughter's recent wedding. While watching pornos from the 70's (with stars such as Barbara Moose, Erika Cool, Karine Gambier, Jane Iwanoff & Patricia Rhomberg) the family members can't control their "love" for one another. Eventually the husband's family enters the party and joins in on the fun. Also stars Uschi Karnat.

Subtitles available:

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