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[] Slimthick Vic - Best Friend Duty (2023)

Poster of [] Slimthick Vic - Best Friend Duty
Web Scene
Slimthick Vic, Milan
Being best friends with someone means taking the initiative to fix something about that person before it is even broken. Slimthick Vic has taken it up to herself to try and mend her bestie's relationship with her man, Milan. The gorgeous blonde suggests a great way to settle her friend and Milan's sexual differences. She knows that Milan is into feet, and she's curious to find out how it feels to have a man worship her sexy feet. It's a win-win solution for both of them, so Milan has no good reason to decline. Milan admits that he has been admiring Slimthick Vic's feet for a long time. Unable to control himself, Milan grabs the sexy blonde's feet. He slowly takes off Slimthick Vic's shiny purple stiletto sandals, revealing the full beauty of her naked feet. Milan starts off slow, passionately kissing every inch of the stunning babe's sexy feet. He takes a whiff of the alluring smell of Slimthick's feet before giving her the foot worship she deserves. Slimthick Vic can't help but enjoy as Milan licks her soles, sucks her toes, and kisses her heels. Her white-tipped, pink toenail polish looks great against the pale red lips of the bearded man. After the sensual foot worship, Slimthick Vic returns the favor by giving Milan a handjob-blowjob-footjob combo. Milan continues worshipping Simthick Vic's sexy feet as he fucks her tight pussy in missionary. The naughty blonde happily rides Milan's dick in soles-up lateral cowgirl. She can feel Milan's dick stretching out her juicy pussy with every hump. Milan facefucks the beautiful hottie, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth until she gags. He then continues fucking Slimthick Vic in the doggystyle and reverse cowgirl until he feels like cumming. Slimthick Vic gives Milan a footjob. She tirelessly strokes his cock between her soles until he sprays his cum all over her feet. Slimthick Vic happily cleans the mess Milan made using her tongue.

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