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PrimalFetish - Kylie Quinn - Slut Training My Sister (2016)

Poster of PrimalFetish - Kylie Quinn - Slut Training My Sister
Web Scene
Kylie Quinn
Part One - Sext Scamming My Step-Sister

I messed with the contacts in my slutty little step-sister's phone. She thinks she is sexting with Bobby, some little tool bag that gets her panties wet. Well I wait until she send me some really hot pics, and get her excited with a few dick pics and then I let her know the truth, and make her live up to all the dirty things she was texting

Part Two - Birth Control Blackmail

I found a receipt for the morning after pill when I saw my step-sister trying to stuff it in the bottom of the trash. She tries to play dumb about it, but she knows how much trouble she would be in. She doesn't have much choice but to give me a another tastes of her sweet pussy. And now I can tell for sure she is enjoying my hard cock in her just as much as I do.

Part Three - Surprising Step-Sister in the Shower

I video my step-sister getting herself off in the shower. She acts furious, especially when I threaten to send it to everyone she knows, so, "one last time" she lets me do everything I want to her. By now though, she is craving my cock, I know what she was getting off to in the shower. Its the way I need her tight pussy, the way she comes over and over when I fuck her. In the end, cum dripping on her face, she confesses, she wants to be mine, my little slut

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