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Life after divorce pt 2 (2020)

Poster of Life after divorce pt 2
Ariel X, Jade Baker and Penny Barber
My step-sister called me in tears telling me her world was falling apart. Ariel is now divorced, she's living with her stepdaughter Jade, and she wants my help in keeping an eye on her while she looks for a job. All of this is a little awkward, to say the least, the last time I was in Ariel's home, we got into an argument and she asked me to leave. My stepniece was devastated that I was leaving, but that's a story for another time. At the end of our shouting match, I was kicked out of my own sister's home! I vowed that I would never speak to her again, but when I heard my strong sister, always the tough one, crumbling in tears, I had to come to rescue her.
Me and my step-sis grew up in what some would call a 'complicated home life.' Our parents were hard on us, and we reacted to the extreme structure and religious shaming in different ways. I rebelled. Ariel tried her best to live up to their endless standards, and as a result, she finds herself never fully satisfied. I know that my main objective is to help her see a different point of view. I want her to set her mind and body free. I have a way to teach her that some might call a little unorthodox, but it'll work.. I hope.

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