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[] Audrey Bitoni & Vanna Bardot - Her Roommate's Feet (2020)

Poster of [] Audrey Bitoni & Vanna Bardot - Her Roommate's Feet
Web Scene
Audrey Bitoni, Vanna Bardot, Jake Adams
I just moved into my new home; a beautifully modern house in the Hollywood Hills. I have a bunch of roommates though, that's the only way any of us can afford it. One day I come home with my boyfriend Jake. Surprisingly, no one was home and the house was totally empty! We thought we had the whole house to ourselves. We started making out in the living room. A few minutes later, he removed my wedges and started to suck on my toes. He knows I love that. I was about to take his cock out when we heard one of my roommates, Audrey, opening the door. We quickly gathered ourselves and pretended like we were just sitting there. I introduced Jake to my roommate and we all started chatting. But my pussy was dripping wet from the little episode before, so all I could really think of was how to have a threesome with hot slutty Audrey. She was wearing wedges and I could see her perfect pink pedicured toes. I was so horny that I commented on her cute pink polished toes so she would raise her feet for me to take a closer look. And she did just that. I removed her wedges and started to touch and caress her feet. She really liked it, I could tell. I massaged her feet, and when I knew she was ready, I started to lick her toes. Then I asked her if she would mind Jake doing the same with her other foot. She laughed and said yes, of course. So we were both sucking on her toes at the same time when she suggested that we go up to her room and continue it there. So we did. As soon as we got to the bed I started to suck on Jake's big hard cock. Audrey slid her feet under Jake's balls and started to massage them with her feet. It was so hot, soon I found myself sucking on his cock and her feet at the same time. Then Audrey rode his cock like a slutty cowgirl with her soles up while I licked and sucked on her sweet soles. Afterward, he made me sit on his hard cock and do the same while my feet were in her mouth. It got even hotter; he fucked me from behind while I ate her juicy pussy. At the end he came all over our sexy soles. Cum on soles is so sexy slutty. We couldn't help but to lick the cum off of our sexy feet and toes.

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