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[MissaX] Forbidden Desires (2020)

Poster of [MissaX] Forbidden Desires
Drama, Romance
Alexis Fawx, London River, Lucas Frost, Dick Chibbles, Brad Newman
Forbidden Desires stars Alexis Fawx as wife and stepmother. Fawx is in a tense relationship where she suspects her husband, Dick Chibbles, of cheating, and is starting to develop a romantic relationship with her stepson, Lucas Frost. Dick wants his wife and his son to spend some time with his sister, London River. London is having relationship troubles of her own, her volatile husband, Brad Newman, is relegated to sleep on the sofa. Dick worries about London and wants the two to "visit" under the guise of keeping an eye on London's safety. When Alexis and Lucas arrive at London's house, Lucas is surprised and entranced with his step-aunt's youthful, carefree personality. Alexis senses the sexual tension between the two and her jealousy builds. The two women compete for Lucas' attention and Lucas finds himself torn between two beautiful women in a taboo love triangle.

Subtitles available:

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