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[PPPE-023] - Hitomi's Final Film! I will do my best to have sex for the fans!!!

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Poster of [PPPE-023] - Hitomi's Final Film! I will do my best to have sex for the fans!!!
[PPPE-023] - Hitomi's Final Film! I will do my best to have sex for the fans!!!
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[PPPE-023] - Hitomi's Final Film! I will do my best to have sex for the fans!!! (2022)
Is draft:
by Mushroom on 2022-11-02 20:31:18
by Mushroom on 2022-11-02 20:31:18
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Wrong: subtitles are not for this movie
Draft: very minimal dialogs
Correct: sufficient, but some errors or missing dialogs
Perfect: pro-quality subs


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Users comments

2022-12-26 00:27:30
This subtitle is a joke that wastes our time
2022-12-26 04:24:23
I love it when people give us people who actually MAKE and POST subtitles technical feedback on problems they're having with the FREE product we afford them.
2022-12-26 05:14:35
Especially as it is not "BAD", it is the subtitle for this movie. I have well over 100 subtitles submitted, I wonder how well their subtitles will be rated.
2022-12-26 07:11:58
True. I'm just commenting on the detailed, technical way the problem was phrased. (Yes, I am being extremely sarcastic) We'll never know how well their subtitles will be rated as he/she evidently has little time to spare, aside from throwing tantrums.
2022-12-26 19:23:00
...and especially from a new member...

@Shemalepix, please read the rules, and:

- As you noticed, nobody asked you for money or asked you to watch ads. This place is totally free. Nothing is due to you.
- If you ever wrote subtitles, you know how much time it takes. People here share their work for free. They deserve a lot of respect.
- The main purpose of this site is to share a common hobby in a friendly place. We don't allow such unconstructive and negative spirits.

As stated in rules, this is first and last notice before ban.
2022-12-26 20:08:19
I've just looked over the file, though I didn't run it with the video. It is clearly for this video. It's clearly laid out and readable. It also appears to run the length of a 2 hour movie. On the face of it, I believe that 'Bad' rating is completely undeserved and should be removed, so others won't be deterred from downloading it. Considering that no actual details were given as to any of its shortfalls, the rating should come down.
2022-12-27 01:55:14
I will admit, I am not a huge Hitomi fan so did not do a lot of work on this one. Could I have done better? Yes. But one of the places I go have several Hitomi fans, so I rushed this one out rather quickly as it is supposed to be her last movie (unless she returns in the future).

I much prefer putting my time and effort into working on videos with a plot.